We care about our customers' ergonomically-designed equipment and environment.Energy is the essence of the future and because of this,we exploit energy resources efficiently & to the fullest.We provide you with the right solutions that best cater for your needs.
Specifically-Designed Products
The adaptive system provides you with freedom to create your own exclusive product. You can combine all the elements with each other, and hereby your customized product is ready to use.
Heat Recovery
Did you know that refrigerators produce heat too, and cut down your heating costs? As we said, energy is the essence of the future. Therefore, we supply your customers with the required products in every project.
Technical Innovations
Addcold Cooling equipment followed closely by the technological developments and committed to the application of this innovation. Addcold cater for all your cooling needs; with us, you will be supplied with the most suitable response for your needs!

Addcold is the manufacturer of Condenser Units, Central Engine Compartments and Cryogenic cycle of refrigeration rooms whose products comply with strict safety requirements set out by the EC the CE standards. Addcold holds ISO 9001 certification since 1998. Furthermore, in Addcold production and manufacture department, all measures have been implemented to reach the standards of 97/23 / EC (PED).

In Addcold Corporation all products e.g. Condenser Units, Evaporators and Cryogenic cycle of refrigeration are manufactured in accordance with customers' needs and requirements. Customers' needs for techniques and refrigerating systems result in manufacturing of farsighted products. By sustaining balance between ecology and economy, and recognizing customers' needs and requirements, Addcold Corporation has considered optimal cooling power, low noise levels and low maintenance costs whereby it has made the retail-market satisfactory.